Multicare Medical Diagnostic PC offer consultation during NTD Health Fair

On Saturday (September 25), Multicare Medical Diagnostic PC participated in the “New Tang Dynasty Outdoor Health Exhibition” hosted by The Epoch Times and NTD Media Group.

In the autumn, there were a lot of people going out, and there was a lot of people at the health exhibition on Kassina Avenue.

Multicare Medical Diagnostic PC, as one of more than 20 doctors’ booths in the exhibition, provides vascular and varicose vein consultation services for the public. Multicare Medical Diagnostic PC uses the most advanced varicose vein treatment methods, which are safer and less painful than traditional operations. Multicare Medical Diagnostic PC is a vascular disease treatment institution in New York area, dedicated to minimally invasive non-surgical treatment of various vascular diseases and general medical diseases. There are world-renowned vascular surgeons here to provide authoritative consultation for every patient who comes. Using the most advanced treatment methods in the world, different from the past surgery, the minimally invasive treatment in the vascular center is safer and less painful than traditional surgery. Many people came for consultation that day, and more than 10 people registered for treatment appointments that day. The activity lasts from 11 noon to 3 pm. The Vascular Center provides detailed and professional consultation services for most people.